WORKING CONDITIONS                                              Max Temperature

型号 : GDHm
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WORKING CONDITIONS                                              

Max Temperature of fluid up to +80℃

Max Pressure 10bar

Max Ambient Temperature up to 40℃


Using PC chip control electronic pressure switch,avoild frequent take off pressure switch ,long service life.

When pump is not used for a long time ,every 72h it will start for 10s in order to avoid the lock of machine.

When no inlet water ,the water pump continuous detecting 8 minutes,automatically enter the water

protection system.To avoid the pump in the anhydrous state run for a long time.

Ncrease the startup delay function when the electric pump inserted into the socket,delay 3s start,avoild

spark-over socket,protect the personal safety .

The flow priority system,electric pump use acme,truly achieve the full pressure .