Frequently asked questions
Water pump common problems

If you follow the instructions in the following table, you can not exclude a certain fault, please:

  1. turn off the machine2

  2. turn off the power plug

  3. Call customer service phone +86-593-6695002




 Motor can not start

Motor voltage is too low:a.Low power supply voltage;

a.Will be transferred to the rated voltage rang.

b.Power cord with larger cross section.

c.Move closer to the power line position.

Single phase power supply(3-phase):a.Poor contact of power switch;b.Fuse fuse c.Power cord loose;d.Cable fault phase

a.Repair switch contact or replace switch;b.Replace fuse;c.Check and tighten the power adapter;d.Repair or replace the cable

The cable drop is too large:a.Line is too long b. The cable section is too small

a.Remove excess c able

b.Cable with larger cross section

The capacitor burned.

Replace the same type of capacitance.(Send the maintenance point maintenance)

Shaft and bearing die

change bearing (Send the maintenance point maintenance)

Impeller stuck

Use the screwdriver to move the blade end shaft, the rotating flexible or open the pump body to clear debris.

Winding of stator broken

Replace winding coil (Send the maintenance point maintenance)

Motor running, but not water

Pump rotation direction is wrong

Conversion motor in which the two phases of the wiring (three-phase motor)

The pump is not filled with water

To pump water into the pump body.

damaged impeller

change impeller

The water level is lower than the bottom valve

Adjust the inlet pipe to pump valve in the water

Water suction pipe leakage

Check the sealing condition of each joint of the suction inlet pipe.

The water level is too low, which is lower than the limit of the pump.

Adjust the installation height of the pump or choose the appropriate pump.

Water in a pipe or pump chamber causes icing.

After the ice has been turned on.

Insufficient pressure

Pump selection is not correct.

 Choose the right water pump.

The water inlet pipe is too long, or too many bends, the diameter of the water inlet pipe is not selected according to the regulation.

Selection of the provisions of the pipe diameter, so that the design of the inlet pipe is a little shorter。

Foreign matter blocking inlet pipe, filtering net or pump cavity

Clean the pipe, valve or pump chamber to remove debris

Motor voltage is too low, the wire is too long

Check the end voltage of the motor and the cross section of the wire

Pump vibration

 Pump is not fixed in the base

Tighten the anchor bolts

There is a foreign body in the pipe or pump cavity

Check, clean pipes and water pumps.

Stability of the base is not enough

Installation of a more stable base

Motor stator winding burn or intermittent work

Motor overload running time is too long

The installation of the valve outlet, reduce water

Impeller stuck or long time overload operation

Removal of impurities in the pump cavity, as far as possible in the rated flow of water pump work

Ground faults or cable damaged by lightning, electric pump

Find the reason, change the winding coil

Water leakage at the support

 Mechanical seal with impurities

Clean or replace mechanical seals